For a detailed view of our offerings please see:

What Is Noise Residency Program Guide


For Performers:

Individual Performance Master Classes:

Individual members of What Is Noise provide master classes on each of their individual instruments and will offer students feedback on their playing.

Chamber Ensemble Master Classes:

What Is Noise provides group chamber music master classes for any ensemble type and provide comments and suggestions for performers.

Rehearsal Techniques Workshop:

What Is Noise conducts an open rehearsal for an audience where they will rehearse a piece they are currently performing. What Is Noise discusses the pitfalls in the music and offers helpful rehearsal techniques for how to overcome these challenges.


For Composers:


Composer Master Classes:

What Is Noise offers a panel discussion to answer questions about the relationship between the composer and performer in addition to offering practical advice about orchestration, commissions, deadlines, scoring, and how to work with an ensemble to have your piece performed.

Composer Reading Sessions:

What Is Noise offers a reading session where the ensemble will sight-read several student works and provide suggestions about each piece. Composers participating in the workshop may record the workshop for their own private use. Note that What Is Noise must agree upon all music in advance and no prior rehearsal will have taken place.

In-House Competition for Student Composers:

Universities can host their own in-house competition to have a student work performed by What Is Noise during their visit. The winning work will be performed on the concert given by What Is Noise at the institution. Details about the competition process must be confirmed in advance with What Is Noise and What Is Noise has the final say on the piece that will be performed. Pieces will need to be completed with enough time for rehearsal prior to the visit by What Is Noise.


For Everyone:


Side-by-side Performance Outreach:

What Is Noise is available to perform a side-by-side concert with other chamber ensembles, orchestras, or student ensembles. Details will need to be negotiated in advance with What Is Noise so that they have enough time to rehearse the music prior to the visit.

Panel Discussions:

What Is Noise is available to serve as a panel to discuss a variety of topics including entrepreneurial musicianship, composer collaborations, rehearsal techniques, how to start and run a chamber ensemble, and selecting repertoire.

Pre- or Post-Concert Discussion:

What Is Noise will discuss the program they will be performing on the concert in detail and answer questions audience members may have about the music. This is a great way to engage an audience with new music and discuss some of the challenges of performing and listening to the music that will be on the program.