Equivocal Duration

We are excited to announce that our debut album has officially been released by

Centaur Records as of March 1, 2019!

Available for Purchase on iTunes, Amazon, HB Direct, and Arkiv Music.

As part of our recording project we enlisted a professional artist, Krissy Christofakis,

to create artwork influenced by each of the pieces on the album.

We will be accepting bids from March 1st to March 23rd.

Bid on the pieces here!

The recording was produced and engineered by Gordon Van Gent and the Overneath Creative Collective.

The album includes pieces that we have performed frequently over the past year:

Steven Stucky - Ad Parnassum
Lansing McLoskey - Requiem, v. 2.001
David T. Little - descanso (waiting)
Joshua Burel - Roanoke

We thank you for sharing your passion for new music and helping us to bring

contemporary classical music to a wider audience around the globe.

From our hearts to yours, thank you, for your continued support. None of this would be possible without you.